Long Treks


Meeshapulimalai Trek

The trek up Meeshapulimalai is much sought after by people looking for a long trek in Munnar especially as Anaimudi, the highest peak in South India is closed to general public for any activities. At a height of 2,640 meters the Meeshapulimalai Peak is indeed a spectacular peak and the vistas from the top are breathtaking! Once you get nearer the top you truly feel on top of the world with clouds swirling around the peaks below! There are 2 ways to access the peak. The more popular and easily accessible path is from the Silent Valley Estate. The other is starting your walk from Kolukkumalai Estate. The peak can be accessed from both sides and can be done as a day trip albeit a long day! To truly enjoy the terrain and the sights we do however recommend that you overnight at either the tented camp at Rhodovalley or the Sky Cottage a basic single room accommodation run by KFTD ( the state run social forestry enterprise set up to look after the tourism side) if you are starting your walk from the Silent Valley Estate side or at the Kolukkumalai Mountain Hut, a comfortable guesthouse in the Kolukkumalai Estate if you are starting from Kolukkumalai side. It is also possible to start your walk from Silent Valley Estate, walk up Kolukkumalai , walk down the other side and end your walk at the Kolukkumalai Estate or vice-versa. The walk up Meeshapulimalai and down to Silent Valley Estate is a much longer day than walking up from the Kolukkumalai side, the reason being Kolukkumalai is already at the base of the peak and also has the distinction of being the highest tea estate in the world!

You get to the top you traverse through diverse terrain ranging from carpets of tea bushes to lush evergreen shoals, pine forests managed by KFDC and the undulating grasslands at the top. The walk up the peak requires a reasonable amount of fitness and not recommended in the monsoon months of June-August. The high winds, thick clouds and heavy rains make it a difficult task to complete! The winter months of December to February can be very chilly in the morning and evening but hot once you get to the grasslands at the top of the peak. Do be prepared for the sun...it’s easy to get sunburnt at that altitude! Comfortable walking shoes are recommended and best to have some layers of clothing including some protection against wet weather! The weather at the top is totally unpredictable in the hills especially with the hot air from the Tamil plains working it’s way up meeting the cold mountain air !

We will happy to arrange the walk as a day visit for guests from Kolukkumalai Mountain Hut ( who return back to the hut after the walk) or a longer walk to if you would like to walk across the peak to Silent Valley Estate from where you can be transferred to Munnar.

For your walk you will have the services of a knowlegeable local guide picnic lunch and snacks will be provided for the walk. If you plan to overnight at the RhodoValley Camp or the Sky Cottage run by KFDC then you will have the services of our own team of camping staff accompany you as being state run the services at the camp might be lacking! We will also be happy to arrange pick-up and drop from/to your resort in Munnar if required. For more details about the walk or price do get in touch on info@kolukkumalai.in